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NOEL MSISKA from Malawi message

NOEL MSISKA from Malawi message
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Cars from Japan are reliable, easy to maintain. You can never compare cars from elsewhere with cars from Japan they are made to suite the environment of every user. Talk of spares, they are readily available at the dot of your button.

Despite having many dealers selling fake parts, they are still beaten by the genuine parts of Japan that has always made a difference and exposed the counterfeit dealers in our cities.

Car from Japan is a car made with a human face in the sense that an average earned income person like teachers in Malawi are able to own atleast a car.

Looking around garages you can hardly see cars from Japan being exposed for breaking due to missing spare parts than what is happening with vehicle from Europe. Their engines are not made for Africa and when they fail they’re not replaceable and very expensive to acquire a new engine.

The most interesting thing is the profession behind sales and importing of Japanese vehicles, there is no fraud and loss of money despite the influx of unscrupulous dealers around the globe. Generally the only reliable means of earning a car is through importing cars from Japan.

There is a reliable secret about cars from Japan and this is ” used car in Japan, brand new in Malawi as you are always ” the first user of a high quality and beautiful car on the land” the secret behind Japanese used cars shall always remain the same because of their quality and branding.

Another secret is the compatibility of accessories and engines of Japanese vehicles which brings flexibility in the making of various choices of which vehicles to import from Japan.

Many people in Malawi and Africa at large depend on used cars from Japan because they cannot afford brand new cars being sold by dealers and had it been there was no export of used cars from Japan, only companies and the rich could earn a car in Africa.

I love Japanese Used Cars having used them for many years.

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