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Nicholas Odhiambo from Kenya message

Nicholas Odhiambo from Kenya message
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I would like to foremost appreciate what Car From Japan is doing as far as creating awareness about the great brands of cars from Japan. Without this competition I wouldn’t have had interest in finding out the many amazing brands you have there. However, the most important goal for your company, I believe, is to build a strong brand idea and in doing this your company not only increases or widens the reach of the concept you are promoting but also builds a network of prospects and loyal customers. Obviously, for every effort one put into building a concept, an incentive normally act as a motivator that drives the individuals involved and ensure high success chances for the subject of promotion, in this case Car From Japan business model.

I have been in marketing and strategy development of the last ten years and I believe in network marketing. The success probability associated with building a network of loyal customers especially from the platform of referrals is absolutely high. Therefore, I am greatly positive that your decision as a company to attempt this method is well advised and I am sure your company has truly launched into a rich vein of future sales that will not only grow your market share but also improve your company’s bottom line.

Why should I win? of course, who would not want to own a beautiful car especially the reliable Japanese brands. Since my job is in sales and Marketing, it is highly convenient driving your way to meet clients especially when I have to move from one part of the city to another or from one town to the other. The distance are normally reduced greatly if I would use my personal car instead of public transport. Moreover, I would have a higher chance of closing deals if I drive to meet clients rather that if I appear before on foot. I would really need this car because most of the clients I meet would normally view me negatively and distrust me just because I went of foot. But with a car they would take me seriously and believe the company I represent is able to supply and deliver.

therefore I believe with this car my job would be greatly enhanced, made easier and I would be able to achieve greater results in my work. I sincerely appreciate what Cars From Japan is doing as you plan to award me the car

Kind regards


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