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Nelson Wamaya from Kenya message


Hi! My name is Nelson Wamaya from Kenya but with an Asian mindset. What I mean is my mind is exploding just like the economy of the East which has taken over the world. Being such a believer in this movement, we, in Africa with infant developments, have no choice but to accept this dynamism. Therefore a car or two from Japan will go along way in proving that West, North, South and all over, East’s best. Japanese used cars are still usable back in Kenya and we consider them adaptable as they have already been exposed to various environments. This platform, Car From Japan, offers a once in a lifetime chance to become a part of this unstoppable movement. THE EASTERN TSUNAMI.

Having taken Business Administration in my college studies, I have come to terms with many business, entreprenueral and economic ‘aliens’ and unlike in Hollywood, these are actually in existence. Today, many nations have resorted to wars, cold or actual, however, Japan has resorted to manufacturing and industralization as there priority. Our world bleeds from every corner with blood, ignorance, luck and poverty. Since time in memorial you can never really work on the latter three without the former. So to me Car From Japan preaches industralization and war to atrophy and other ills.

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