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Nelson Natukunda from Uganda message

Nelson Natukunda from Uganda message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
Thank you very much for the above message. I am greatly delighted to be a part of the winning team namely Car From Japan. I as Nelson being the representative of the brand and the sponsor brings immense self-fulfillment not only to me but also in away that would enable me bring impact on the communities in which I dwell.

I am excited and ready/ willing to co-operate with the team and see the brand go beyond boundaries thus expanding the global outreach.

Why I should be the Winner;-

Being a scholar of International Business and Relations for which I highly qualify in, I strongly believe that the world is a global village in which physical boundaries no-longer limit a business’ ability to expand in all of the countries one would like to mention at the blink of an eye. This is because of the continuous evolution in technology making it easy and simple for individuals from a diverse spread of culture and geography to communicate. For this same reason, I was able to enter the Car From Japan life changing competition i.e. Facebook through the internet.

Secondly, the village has turned into a one village geography due to regional integrations as members seek to take advantage of the spill-over effects of such organizations. Under such circumstances, trade has been harnessed i.e. I come from a regional block known as the East African Community where a point customs inspection and verification exercise has been introduced thus reducing barriers of trade such as numerous weigh bridges resulting into delay and loss of money due to the concept of time value of money. With such ease of trade, Car From Co., Ltd can flexibly trade through out the region with minimal interferences.

I also believe that I should be declared winner because I was able to take advantage of the competition and notify my colleagues at an instant without hesitation. In business, the successful candidate is one who sees an opportunity and at an instance, takes hold of it. I came across this opportunity and never did I hesitate a minute to be part of the Car From Japan Competition for which I would like to be a brand representative.

I also believe that I should emerge overall winner because I Car From Japan is here to transform my life forever. With a car, I am able to establish a transport business for which I have had a dream in the last three years. With the business expanding, what other option would I have other than buying my cars from Car From Japan. I can’t wait.

Impact on the community;- I believe that in availing a chain of transport services would create employment opportunities in my region considering that I would have to hire drivers and tour guides. This should enhance the standards of living in my community.

I should be declared the winner because I want to represent Car From Japan in my region, the world over continuously enhancing the brand reputation through exchange of ideas. In my language which is Runyankole, we say, “Waba noyenda okukurakurana, oyekwasye abakurakureine” literally meaning that if one wants to develop, he /she ought to associate with the developed. I am talking about the power of association with Car From Japan.

Lastly, I should be the winner because I love Car From Japan, I love it, I love it and thank you for deciding to transform peoples lives.

How I think about Car From Japan;-

Community Social Responsibility;

With this competition, I believe that not only is Car From Japan a profit oriented company but rather that it’s also a Company whose focus is aimed at transforming the communities in which it operates thus enhancing standards of living. This is evident as Car from Japan has demonstrated.

Open and honest trade;

From a review of the of the company profile and consultation with traders in my country, Car From Japan through a sale of both new and used cars, is honest and open in trade. Cars reach safely in my country until the end user is within reach.


Car From Japan, not only has its overseas offices but also has genuine dealers in my region such as KenyaCar Bazaar, Across Trading Company, Prosper International Trade among many. This implies flexibility of the buyer as one is rest assured of safe delivery of their products in a manner which is acceptable.

Fair Prices;

I reviewed prices from the Car From Japan Portal and realized that there is consideration for economy. It’s not just about profits, profits but also the wallet/ capacity of the potential buyer. This when compared with the competition in a SWOT analysis makes Car From Japan the star.

You are the most amazing and transparent team I have ever seen on an internet platform. I entered this competition with faith, hope and belief and surely you haven’t disappointed. You have kept in touch with me from day one to-date. If I do not associate with you, then, I will be so wrong and mistaken.

Give me this opportunity to be an ambassador of both the brand and the sponsors and you won’t be disappointed.

I encourage us to keep the fire burning and trust me, Car From Japan will surpass all of it’s hurdles. The competition is non of those hurdles because we are the competition itself. Remember, you are always the best in this niche of business i.e. Japanese Used and New cars.

In conclusion, I extend my appreciation to the management team/ winning team of Car From Japan/ Japanese Used Cars best exporter for taking your precious time to read through my message and also having selected me as the winner candidate for this life changing opportunity.

Nelson Natukunda

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