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Nathaniel Juta from Zimbabwe message

Nathaniel Juta from Zimbabwe message
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In this world (Africa) we are living in, with the minimun wage pay that we attain has made it impoissible for middle class people like me to buy brand new or even a second hand car that are being assamble here. but we thank God for comapanies like you (Car From Japan) for giving us an oppotunity to buy a good second hand quality car at affordable prices. we are now living in a new modern world whereby a car has become a basic necessity for day to day living. I would really love to win this competition because with the aid of this car l will be able to do all my things in time, for l always face challenges arriving on time when having appointment due to the conditions of using the public transportation. As you know, time is money and l cannot bear thought hours wasted when l am using the public transport. winning this car will make my life become more enjoyable. Japanese used cars is the best deeal Africa has.

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