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Naomi Kadwa from Malawi message

Naomi Kadwa from Malawi message
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Japanese Used cars,

you should definitely pick me as the winner of the car because it would be good advertising for your company in Malawi and Africa as a whole as I am an African Lady from a country that is developing and growing quickly.
I believe a lot of people would purchase cars from your company in Malawi because they are at an affordable price and reliable despite being second hand (this is an advantage to Malawians because we need cars that are durable so as to avoid spending money which we do not even have).
Therefore picking me as your winner would be free advertising on your part and on my part it would be very helpful in terms of transportation and it can help boost my business career which is just starting out.

Car From Japan are affordable and Japanese used cars are in good condition and they are offered in all varieties, spare parts are also easy to find even in our country, Malawi, with right advertising and promotions like this one (assuming i win) would draw more people’s interest on Cars from Japan.

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