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Nandy Chulu from Zambia message

Nandy Chulu from Zambia message
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Hi, while i believe that through this promotion i have marketed you to almost all the people that i know, i have also told others by word of mouth those i did not have their e-mails. my spreading the news means i have made people aware of your site and some of them went to the extent of browsing the website check for vehicles of their choice.

i have gone through your stock and i have realized that you are offering good vehicles in the sense that compared to the others, most of your vehicles do not have scratches like i have seen on other websites, and i believe they are in good condition.

i once tried to purchase a vehicle and i received attention within the required time given for response. i really appreciated that.

i would close by saying that i would be grateful to be a winner of this competition and will not be afraid to represent your organisation in Zambia or Africa as a whole.

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