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Naila S from Saudi Arabia message

Naila S from Saudi Arabia message
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WOW!! a Car from Japan let me first introduce myself properly, and then I tell you what I feel . I am a person who love adventures and do what is possible to make me feel I am satisfied about my self . so, I liked taking the opportunity to win a car I have been participated in any contests I heard before but unfortunately I did not win any!! yea, no prize !! so I got a feeling that I may get a prize whether it is a car or money ,actually I don’t care much about the prize I care about getting selected I am not saying that I don’t need the prize but to feel that I don’t need to give up participating in contests or reward program and to show to other people a simple meaning of being patient and insisting in getting what you may getting it .to be honest “Car from Japan !” it is something not easy to manipulate with. it is japan the most country of building cars and selling it !! it is not only that I mean it is upon designer and speed and most important car life, engine life time it is most important thing in the car so I don’t think but I believe a car from Japan is a number one for me . yes there are many cars from the world I mean like USA and Germany but cars from Japan it is different ..I don’t want to impress you but honestly they have spare parts in countries more than the other car selling countries, and as it is a car from Japan I don’t give much care about the model or the year cause it will be perfect for me cause it is from Japan, so I hope I will get a car whatever is old or new, modern or traditional, and I hope to win actually and I wish for you all the best in your business and in your car field you are the one and you are the best thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and more thanks for making me express what I exactly feel “it is not something easy to read all what are people say this mean one thing YOU ARE THE BEST” and wish me luck and thank you again fro listening me.

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