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Nabwonya. Nambuchi from Australia message

Nabwonya. Nambuchi from Australia message
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It would be lovely for me to be picked as a winner. I used to work as a school teacher till I had a stroke in 2006. I was in a comma for three months and thankfully I recovered but I lost everything. My house, my car and most of all my job. So yes, it would really be a dream come true to hang onto hope. It would boost my confidence once again as I can start socializing once again and try having a life once again. Although I have always driven Japanese cars, I haven’t got the capacity to buy one right now even though they are usually well priced for most people to afford them so this is why I’m trying my luck at this, fingers crossed. All my children drive Japanese cars, Toyota, Lexus and Mitsubishi. They are the most reliable and luxurious cars that my family ever owned and very affordable. Thank you for your time and I nhope to hear from you again soon and be blessed. Nabwonya

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