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Mwiza Chongwe Chilumanga from Malawi message

Mwiza Chongwe Chilumanga from Malawi message
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Hello Car Fom Japan! This is Mwiza once again. Firstly, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for organising this competition. Only a few companies do this, but they do not know it is a way of interacting with their customers or even potential customers. So, thank you once again Car From Japan.

Well, Car from Japan is a very reliable company/dealer for buying used cars especially from Japan. Their agreement terms are very simple to follow until the FOB (Freight on Board) terms and conditions are fulfilled as long as the customer has played his/her part properly (i.e. payment). Such that as long as the payment is done appropriately the customer is rest assured that his or her car will definitely arrived at the agreed shipping port. This is one important fact I like about Car From Japan. In other words, Car from Japan: They mean what they say.

Another important thing which needs not be underestimated about car from Japan is that when one orders a car from their list of available stock you are positive that the same car you order is the one which will be shipped. this is unlike other companies which, for example, enlist a car in stock with its year of make as, let us say, January 2007 when the actual year of make is December 2006. this is very bad as it disturbs the plans one hard for actually purchasing that vehicle. For instance, this difference in years dramatically increases the amount of tax one has to pay for a particular car in Malawi thus not working according to what one budgeted for. however, this is not the case with Car From Japan.

The same applies to the number of Kilometers travelled by the vehicle as they are usually a true reflection of what is stated in the advert by Car From Japan. This is also another important element as it gives the true picture to the customer as to how much care needs to be given to the vehicle or for how long he/she might own or use the car before actually selling it or disposing it off.

Far more importantly, Japanese used Cars is helping many individuals who could not afford to buy a brand new car. this is so as brand new cars are relatively expensive hence a constraint to those who have less money to buy such cars.

All in all, I would conclude by saying that: Car from Japan, the best deals ever!

From Mwiza, with love

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