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muthara paul from Kenya message

muthara paul from Kenya message
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I have imported 4 vehicles from Japan for my personal use in the last 10 years. Equally, most of my friends source theirs from Japan through me. Therefore it would be good to be picked a winner as an appreciation.
Am one of the Kenyans who values japan used vehicles because of their qualities in comparison to other countries.
In addition, there many brand selection in japan that means one can buy the best that meets the taste and chances of missing the car one needs is next to impossible.
For an example: in every country there rules and regulation abiding importation of used motor vehicles. Like our country Kenya one is not allowed to import a vehicle which is more than 8 years from the date of registration regardless of the condition and is subjected to inspection just before it is accepted for clearance and onward registration. Every vehicle must be RIGHT HAND DRIVE.
Other countries may have their own rules but whichever importation conditions, there is a car from Japan.
In this respect, you find that Japan is the only one source with used cars to meet requirements of most countries probably in the world.
Japanese used cars are cheaper and recondition used one is as good as new.
One can use various international currencies to buy Japanese used car, especially USD, EURO, STERLING POUND in addition to Japanese currency YEN..
Terms and conditions of purchasing vehicles from Japan are simple and corruption rate of Japanese used car dealer is minimal.
The smooth political environment of gives Japan a competative and marketing value of car from Japan compared to other nations worldwide, hence, popularity.

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