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mutale nyirenda from Zambia message

mutale nyirenda from Zambia message
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Thank you for this competition that you are running. I must say it’s so heart feeling to be part of this competition. I will be more than just glad to be the winner of any car. A car is a necessity to this life today. And it burns my heart to know I don’t have one as at now. Because it’s very difficult to afford one from as far as Japan. Our economy is not doing so well. The dollar to Kwacha in our country is selling at a very high rate every day. I have money that can help me clear the car if I can have it as far as the border. Owning a car from Japan will be a dream come true. I have heard about car from Japan from family and friends and I would like to be part of their customers.
I will forever be thankful to car from Japan if I won even the smallest car there is.
Car from Japan has good services as I have heard from people. But I have never in my life bought a car. Please allow me to be part of the people that will have their dreams forfilled through your generous offer. May you continue giving support to people that can’t afford to make purchases at once. And encourage them to work extra hard to earn more.
God bless

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