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Muchiri, Jackson N from Kenya message

Muchiri, Jackson N from Kenya message
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Kenya as well as many other developing countries has a growing market for cars from Japan. Japanese used cars make up almost 70% of cars on most developing country’s roads. This shows how much trust and acceptability cars from japan and used Japanese cars are valued. The greatest source of used cars is from markets like Japan. People understand and see the value in this cars and with technology today people can snow shop online from websites like Car From and be assured of getting what they pay for. the investment in technology cultivation of trust and continued ensuring of customer satisfaction is what online markets are all about something Car From seems to put into great consideration.

If I would win this competition i would gladly market and channel people to the Japanese used car market that is Car From Japan. A real life example of their good work will be the key marketing point to garner more and more clients. The Kenyan market has a fast expanding middle class with finances to boot supporting their lavish lifestyles with new cars for themselves, their spouses, fiancees and children. the knowledge held by these people and the acceptance of technology would be a motivating factor to shop for cars from the Japanese used car market and the thrill to do something new would only land then at Car From Japan.

Shopping online has come of age with the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and laptops a gadget that has become a necessity for every home. The acceptability of online banking and card payments online and also digital money has gone ahead to ease the experiences online. All one needs to do now is identify their preferred product and go ahead to purchase await delivery and consume. For cars Japan has always had the best in terms of quality and brand for the common man. Toyota, Nissan, Honda are among many a household names when it comes to cars. Japanese used car market has the greatest market share courtesy of being the country of manufacture for most of this cars and also the promotion of the same by sites like car from Japan.

Having the requisite knowledge to even be able to conduct shopping online, I can make a good ambassador for shoppers of the Japanese used car and directing them to Car From japan showing them the well listed cars variety with enough pictures and detailed enough to make their decision easy. I would dedicate each waking day to make sure people see the benefit of even shopping online themselves vs buying directly form yards in terms of cost saving and variety of choice. I have gone through and have really appreciated its setting its both capturing ones attention and detailed enough. Where other better place to shop for a Japanese used car other than from Car From Japan.

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