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MTEMWA NYANGULU from Malawi message

MTEMWA NYANGULU from Malawi message
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Japanese used cars are the best. I have been using Japanese used cars since I started driving in 2006. Each time I buy a car straight from Japan, it takes a minimum of four years before it starts giving me problems so long as I service on time. Japanese services are friendly and mostly assist customers get the best used cars of their choice.

I recommend friends in Malawi to buy used cars straight from Japan because for both cars I bought straight from Japan were brought from my nearest port, Dar es Salaam to the boarder. Both cars were in good condition and I sold them to others after using for four years.

Used cars from Japan are affordable even to the average Malawian planning to buy cars. Banks easily manage to make transactions to transfer money because the companies in Japan are credible.

Japanese people are honest and friendly; no wonder people do not doubt transferring money to buy the cars.

Looking forward to being a winner of your reliable cars

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