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Mphatso Kamangira Ngozo from Malawi message

Mphatso Kamangira Ngozo from Malawi message
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Dear Hanna, Chief marketing Officer, Car From Japan Co., Ltd.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say something on car from Japan.
Why should you pick me?
Firstly on why you should choose me as the winner, is because I like Japanese cars. I have seen some of my colleagues buying Japanese cars but because i have not have money to purchase mine, that is why i decided to participate in this competition so that i should also be one of the beneficiaries of Cars from Japan. All along I have been wanting of having one but my pocket could not make it. The other thing is that once you pick me, I believe the good news will attract more people and more people will be interested to know more of how I have made it and about the cars from Japan. In trying to explain more on cars from Japan and the competition on the TVs, Radios and News Papers, we will make use of the opportunity to talk more of the company in my country, tell people more about your cars and how they can find them. It will be more less like advertising your company to people of my country and make business out of that.
Apart from talking of the cars, it will also be necessary to talk more of other products if any so that people will have to know more. Out of the results from the information we are going to give to the people, we will be able to have an insight of having more plans to make business in our country.

The most other thing is that I have never heard of such a king of campaign in our country and one winning this opportunity, I have never participated in any competition but this looked so interesting to me hence my participation and I believe that this will not only be my first time to participate in a competition like this but also the first time I am gonna win the competition i.e winning a free car from Japan and you know what it means!!!!!.

What do I think about cars from Japan?
About cars from Japan, I really think positive about them because, from what I have seen so far from Japanese cars, more people have interest to buy them which makes me think they are good. Because one can not buy something which is bad and others follow suite. It means they are the best.
Most of the cars are second handed but they look new meaning that you people don’t sell scraps to people, you always value people’s money. Apart from that I have noted that you have a lot of different types of cars where buy one is given an opportunity to choose a car of his/her own like. The car’s designing are beautiful and fits all types of people that may need to use them e.g. Trucks, Minibus, touring cars those that can carry different numbers of people so this gives opportunity to people to choose which one they need and others for Businesses.

Your cars are cheap compared with other second hand cars that are being sold in the country hence more people interested to buy your cars. They are easy to manage, because most of the car spares are also locally found which means that you don’t need purchase them from outside unless otherwise, they are durable that is what makes people love them.

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