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Montgomarley Kenneth Phimba from Malawi message

Montgomarley Kenneth Phimba from Malawi message
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Thank you very much as time to declare the winner of the competition is closer.
Continue to run different competitions to enable people from all walks of life participate in competitions. You know, your cars are very durable, affordable, comfortable and easy to maintain. My country, Malawi is a bee hive for your cars. This means that you are serious and trustworthy.
It is my belief that upon winning the car, history that the winning car will make in my country, will also boost relationship between the two countries as well as promoting your products.
I am looking forward to hear good news of emerging the winner of runner -up in the competition.
Best regards
Montgomarley Phimba
Best regards to you
Montgomarley Phimba
Agricultural Communication officer (Agricultural Journalist)
Agricultural Communication Branch
P.O.Box 594,
Cell: 265+88522 501/99678 5005

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