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Mohamed Moshi Lukuvi from Tanzania message

Mohamed Moshi Lukuvi from Tanzania message
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My name is Mohamed Lukuvi, I’m 23 years of age, I’m from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The first time to know CAR FROM JAPAN is from Kenya Car Bazaar.

Car from Japan you should pick me as a winner because of the following; I’m young and i can’t afford to buy a Car + Shipping costs but i can afford Taxes (TRA) if i Won. My dream car is Toyota Altezza, I love Toyota Altezza beacause its a sport Car example you can do Drifting using Altezza and its a speed Car. Through my survey Car from Japan is the BEST car exporter all cars are in GOOD CONDITION,

I conclude by this statement; “Car from Japan is the best JAPANESE USED CAR exporter”

I think you’r the one who can make my dreams come true.

Mohamed Moshi Lukuvi.


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