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Minjur from India message

Minjur from India message
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Dear Ms Hana Yurimoto,

Kuzuzangpola,( Good Morning)!! Greeting from Bhutan, the Land of Gross National Happiness. To begin, I am Minjur from Bhutan working under the Department of Renewable Energy. Your company should pick me as winner on following reason:

  1. I m guy with pure heart and hardworking from one of the remotest part of the country. My monthly salary couldn’t manage even a single car since i have to support my family and relatives,
  2. Bhutan will be good market for your cars promotion , since the people love the products and goods(esp technology and cars) from Japan.
  3. The winning prize will serve as promotion of your product in country,
    In Bhutan, almost all the people and i personally like the cars manufactured. in Japan. since, the world sees Japan as number one in ranking. Therefore, the Japanese products are durable, comfort and efficient. Just an example,currently, our Department is running with two Toyata hilux procured from Japan early 1996 and 1999 which accounts to 19 years and 16 years, Nonetheless, the cars are running in good condition. so, the world and i have thousands reasons to choose Japaneses cars :
    Good day ahead!!

Thanking you

Dept of Renewable Energy
MoEA, Thimphu

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