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Millicent Mwololo from Kenya message

Millicent Mwololo from Kenya message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,

I am very much delighted to hear from you.
I take this opportunity to thank Car From Japan Co.Ltd and their sponsors for running this competition.
I have for long harboured the dream of driving a Jaguar car, I have the faith that it can be done.
Its encouraging to hear that I am getting closer to the finishing line.
I will continue sharing the post about the competition via social media tools. Its about getting the message go viral and have more people click on the link and apply.

That aside, as an entrant into this competition, I think that I possess the unique potential to fly your flag high as the Car From Japan Co. Ltd’s brand ambassador due to the influence that I have in shaping people’s opinion in the society. Being a practising journalist and media personality, I am in touch with so many people and this gives me an upper-hand in putting out and showcasing your brand out there and building on its image.

Besides, I am a woman from the largest East African car market – Kenya, where a good number of the growing car buyers in the market are young professional women like me. These are accomplished and hard working young women between ages 24-34 years, who believe that owning a car puts out a strong image of been seen as a successful woman, a go-getter. Most of them are young mothers who are starting out a family, or have a young family – where I pretty much lie. They have really demystified car ownership as a man thing, or as though its for the older generation, or the rich, as most people here in Kenya previously believed.

I wouldn’t say that these women are rich, they are just women who want to own a car for their convenience in managing their day, when traveling or going out with their small kids and doesn’t a woman not need some little comfort? This presents me as the best candidate to fly your flag out there in this market which has a growing middle-class that is expanding by the day with many young women taking into car ownership.

In addition to this, I am young, moderately classy and outgoing – factors that will promote my ambassadorship in my networks. Car From Japan and Japanese Used Car has won a reputation in the Kenyan and the East African, and particularly Kenyan market as quality cars that come at affordable pricing.

Even the Japanese Used Car comes in low mileage and and technologies that promote fuel efficiencies. This coupled with pocket-friendly pricing has seen the Japanese Used Car garner a sizeable market share in the East African region, and particularly Kenya. Both Car from Japan and Japanese Used Car have durability qualities that make them last way beyond their pricing value, and on future re-sale can fetch more than 70 per cent of the price at purchase. This, is enough proof that your products are cars that do not lose most of their value if well-maintained and well-serviced in their lifetime.

That said, I kindly request Car From Japan Company Ltd to consider my request to be their ambassador and to fly their flag in this market. Being part of the growing middle-class in Kenya places me at the right avenue to talk to this growing car market and the low end car market too – which will ensure both Car From Japan and Japanese Used Car have their products well received in this market.

That said, I thank you for this opportunity to participate in this competition.
I will also have my fingers crossed as I await for your positive response.

Thanks and Regards,
Millicent Mwololo
Mobile: +254-727 759 835
Nairobi, Kenya

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