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Michelle Mounde from Kenya message

Michelle Mounde from Kenya message
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Dear Car From Japan,
First of all,thank you for providing the opportunity to win a car.I am a university student in a public university in Nairobi,Kenya called the University Of Nairobi.I do a science-based course concerned with the construction industry called quantity surveying.It involves maths,physics and material science as it’s three major concerns in the learning process and is a required field for preparing the bill of quantities before taking on any major constructions in the built environment.
Due to the wide nature of the course I am occasionally leaving school late and I equally have to go on field research and apply for internships which is difficult while using public means of transport especially as most field studies are far out of the range covered by public transport.Therefore I decided to ask my parents to buy me a car to ease my transport struggles and save on time taken by city jams when using public means.At first they jumped at the idea and were willing to start saving money only with the condition that I took up a job and tried to earn some money on my own.So i went in search of employment and got some measly work as a part time waitress.The salary I earned would have probably taken me the whole time it took me to complete my course to save up enough money to pay part for a car which is affordable and properly functioning.To make it worse my father passed on a few weeks after and money became tight and it became harder for both my mother and I to keep saving money and eventually I had to quit my job as school work became more and more demanding.We still try to save money occasionally but now the accumulation of money is going on at a snail’s pace and for these reasons this is why I feel I should have a good shot at winning this car.
Honestly,before I saw this competition on my friend’s google plus page i didn’t know about car from japan.Majorly this is because in kenya some companies like Cheki and SBTJapan have monopolized the industry with their high prices and in addition to the importation prices it makes it difficult to purchase cars and to discover other car-selling companies.Even though I did not know about Car From Japan I browsed the website after entering the competition and saw the good deals offered on Japanese used cars and Japanese new cars.This information in addition to the competition made me very excited to participate seeing as everyone has an equal opportunity to win the car and boosted my confidence in your company.

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