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MICHAEL MUGENDI from Kenya message

MICHAEL MUGENDI from Kenya message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto
Chief Marketing Officer,Car From Japan Co.Ltd

I am glad for giving me this opportunity to contribute on the above mentioned topics.The reason as to why you should pick me as the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN is because am from Kenya,a Kenyan citizen to be precise and i have always had a dream to own my own car-a car from Japan, since i generally like and value cars from Japan .My fellow Kenyans as well really value cars from Japan and that is why Kenya government imports most of its cars from Japan.

Once you pick me as the winner i will be a good representative of your sponsors and your brand in my country Kenya.I will encourage my friends to purchase or buy their cars from Japan and also market cars from Japan through social media especially Facebook,Twitter and Goggle.
I will always keep you posted through emails on the feedback i get on the performance of the car and give my opinion or suggestions when necessary and/or when need arises.

Cars from Japan are mostly valued due to their quality,their make-there is a variety of cars to choose from,fuel consumption is pocket friendly and the durability of the car is quite high compared to cars from other countries.

JAPANESE USED CAR is a platform that has opened doors to many potential buyers who cannot afford to buy brand new cars hence providing an option and making it easy for them to purchase or buy the car each one of them can afford,though at lower prices.Japanese used cars are like-able hence makes one feel comfortable since the physical appearance is similar to the brand new cars as well as their durability is quite high.This therefore leads to even governments from different countries like Kenya government to buy the cars for its day to day running activities hence minimizing government expenditure which is a noble thing to do to the eyes of the common citizen since government’s minimum expenditure means better life to the common citizen.

Thank you.

Michael Mugendi

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