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Michael Livira from Zimbabwe message

Michael Livira from Zimbabwe message
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My pleasure, I think I am a winner due to my ability to focus more on customer satisfaction through my experience in service industry. Car From Japan is a brand that needs to be safe guarded looking at the number of customers who are buying Japanese used cars that there is competition in marketing as there are other companies selling used cars. I think I will be able to sell the brand through maintaining the systems in place in terms of effective communication, prompt delivers, methods of payments processes In line with the shared values and Car From Japan objectives. I understand Quality service is your main objective leading to.bottom line as a reward.

I think Car From Japan may overcome other brand is selling used cars to Africa especially in Zimbabwe by just focusing on customer requirements and needs as.well as collecting feedback to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the service being offered. Car From Japan can be successful in their endeavours through my ability to represent the brand personal in line with the mission of Car From Japan. Through my research Japan is well known in terms of implementing quality management system that will act as a function to manage processes resulting in customer satisfaction will excluding expectations. Therefore I believe Car From Japan can offer quality service for the long term success.

Always a winner.

Thank you

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