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Michael Chilemba from Malawi message

Michael Chilemba from Malawi message
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You should pick me as a winner for the following reasons:

  1. I am a lecturer with the University of Malawi and have a lot of connections which will make my promotion of Car From japan work faster and more profitable.

  2. Before starting work here, I have taught in secondary school for 6 years and most of my former students are my friends on social networks and other online avenues. As I type now, I have shared the Car From Japan link to all my contacts on gmail, Facebook and soon Twitter. Doesn’t this sound good?

  3. I am an ICT fanatic who will make Car From Japan popular in a few days. I have many connections. I am even sending personal messages to share the same.

  4. I have a driving Licence and I currently want to own a good car.

  5. Car From Japan is a company that is aimed at reducing poverty mainly in developing countries. How do I know this? This promotion says it all!

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