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meshack ogutu from Kenya message

meshack ogutu from Kenya message
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Japanese cars are a thumbs up in africa especially for the terrain on our roads. More so for the four wheel suvs and again the excellent fuel consumption is great encoragement to customers. I thank the Japanese car companies for picking me for this competition as a win will be exceptionally great for me. japanese cars continue to excel in kenya as they are easy to maintain and readily availabe spare parts. They last longer and the wear and tear is not too fast either. Many customers appreciate the fact that Japan identify kenya as one of their market destinaftions among other African countries. This is good not only for our economy but support job market too. In most cities in Kenya the percentage of Japanese cars are 70% to 30% of combined cars from other countries., it would be great for Japan to try and introduce some of their new hybrid or electric car products. The best thing that ever happened is we have cars, trucks as well as buses from Japan on our Kenyan roads.,
Is there any chance that the car companies would soon invest in Kenya by starting assembly company. Then that would be a source of employment as well as reduction of market price for potential customers! I believe this is possible as you have done with Honda in Swindon South Marston and Ts-tech, blackworth industrial estate and west Swindon branches in the United Kingdom., Who knows, its high time Africa had a major car assemby plant and why not in Kenya

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