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Mercy G. Thindwa from Malawi message

Mercy G. Thindwa from Malawi message
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Since I started having a car some 9 years ago, I have always opted for Japanese used cars. The reason is that Japanese used cars are trust worthy, From the time of ordering to the time of arrival, it only takes less than a month. Cars from Japan are cheap. You can get your choice of a car that you want. They have a wide range of cars from where you can chose your dream car. They are the only trusted car exporters in the world. I was introduced by a friend who did all the transactions for me regarding the importation of the car. At first I never believed her, I thought the car was never going to arrive and that if it was going to arrive, the car would be in a mess, not the type that I had chosen. To my greatest surprise, the car was my dream car, the Toyota Gaia that I had exactly chosen. It came with all the requirements that I had wished. It had almost new tyres, very neat seats, the exact mileage that I had requested for, It had both CD and cassette player, it had a radio, it had a TV. The car was just marvelous! The interior was very neat. Four of my friends never believed that I had ordered that car from Japan, when I showed them all the bank papers, that is when they now said that indeed cars from Japan are very nice. They also started ordering from Japan. This is not the only car that I have had from Japan. I have had a Toyota Carina as well. I never sold these cars because they were giving me problems NO! I sold them because I have had them for a long time and wanted something for a change. Mind you that I have never taken them to a garage because they were faulty, rather because they were due for service. Ever since, I have been telling my friends and relatives in my country of how good and reliable cars from Japan are. I have never heard anyone complaining about them, they are so efficient. When they tell you that you should expect your car on such a date, believe them, because that is what I have experienced. They say your car will take less that a month, and it is exactly like that. Lastly I would like to be your representative here in Malawi, so that I can be telling people of how trusted your company is, because I have tried and proved it for myself.

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