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Meline from Armenia message

Meline from Armenia message
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In the victory I like not what I can get from it, but the feeling got from the victory. It can feel the racing-man who does his best to reach up the demanded speed, or the sportsman who after getting many injuries reaches the record snatch. It’ll be funny to think that all this is being done for the medals or rewards. I think that the feeling of victory is overpowering, I want to enjoy that feeling. I remember my first victory, I pronounced my poem with tendering hands and proud tone and the people sitting in the hall, who at first seemed me to be angry and indifferent became familiar and kind. In the victory I appreciate also the way which you pass for your victory. Thanks to it a human is developed and the will is tempered. The victory is a feeling, thanks to it you appreciate your person, start to put new aims and go forward it seems that nothing can prevent your progress, up to it, the victory borns new victories. My feeling of victory grows, when I see a baby who struggle against the nature to get a piece of chocolate or a toy. The victory for me is the only type to make an influence on the world, as I am not Michalangelo or Ayvazovsky who make a great role in the history of people by their art, I am only a simple girl, who in front of the blank paper like a poet wants to enjoy the feeling of victory.

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