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MD. KAMAL HOSSAIN from Bangladesh message

MD. KAMAL HOSSAIN from Bangladesh message
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HI, didn’t know about your page before but after getting known about your page it seems really great, its an awesome work. and also about the give away program I think you guys are getting real success as lots lots lots of users are getting through your site and your initiative. though may b there are still some problems in website hope so it will be eradicated very soon. such as some times categories for searching cars are not loading some times beside the brand name showing wrong numbers of cars. over all you guys are going through a great prosper as that will be a great site towards country like ours where is a great market of Japanese used car. the mostly used car in our country is TOYOTA and I personally like Honda cars but could afford one yet but usually I do search for cars in internet and in Car From Japan I found information about lots of car its like a Bazar of old afortable cars for mid income range people. shipment procedure in our country is a little bit slow and complex hope you guys will find a great way to deal with it. Of course it will be awesome if I win the give away by Car From Japan.

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