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mbonea from Tanzania message

mbonea from Tanzania message
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things i will do if i win,i will be the first brand ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN.Firstly i will increase awareness of japanese used cars in regions you are not present in,by targerting different regions that your marketing department can not reach.Secondly,i will build a positive image of CAR FROM JAPAN to my society,through positive comments,content marketing,social media such as facebook,twitter and instagram campaign as well as email marketing.THIRDLY,as a representative,i will act as a source of feedback on matters such as japanese used car sales competition,leading japanese used car stocks sales,import regulations etc,
I think CAR FROM JAPAN is an innovative company dedicated to providing the global market with the highest quality Japanese used cars, they value their clients’ needs and requirements. Fast delivery, on-time processing and customer satisfaction makes them distinguished among others.

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