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Matthew Alexander Kurian from Malaysia message

Matthew Alexander Kurian from Malaysia message
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Perhaps cars are a mode of transport, point A to point B. Perhaps cars are just a luxury, to those unfortunate to own one. Perhaps cars a necessity, a status symbol, a form of wealth etc. Perhaps cars are the stuff of dreams, the escape for a hobbyist even. Do you want a driver to be in a cockpit, dreading his day ahead in rush hour traffic, sighing the whole way, without enjoying the comforts of his automobile. Or do you want an individual, who appreciates the feel of the leather on his back, the horses under the hood, the sight of his HUD or perhaps just the spark in his eye as he drives his pre-loved Porsche. Choose me.

I think Car From Japan is pretty amazing for giving an opportunity for motor heads to revel in the delight of winning their dream car! This campaign alone, proves that they’re appealing to the external motorhead publics that, they are for the people. By motorheads, for motorheads.

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