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Mary Miriam Chinkhata from Malawi message

Mary Miriam Chinkhata from Malawi message
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19TH April 2015
Dear Hana,
Well I am very grateful to have joined the competition. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for organizing and extending this wonderful competition to customers and potential ones it just shows you have a good heart towards them. Let me also thank those who introduced this competition to me for I am the right winner of the car because of many reasons.
I believe that as a woman who believes in raising the plight of my relatives and Malawians in general, need to have a car from Car from Japan. As a Malawian from the ‘warm heart of Africa’ where we believe in respecting and being friendly to others so too are the Japanese I have come a cross and through my reading on Japanese history, Japanese people believe in Peace. So I will be very happy to have the car from Car from Japan and be more than 100% to sell out your brand amongst my relatives, friends and workmates, student nurses whom I teach, that car from Japan is the brand to go with.
I look forward to using the car everyday because this car will really help me be very productive because movement will be made easier than before where I had to rely on public transport. I will travel to work in time, do my work and be able to visit relatives and friends whom for many years it was difficult to do in a short period due to transport problems. But all these problems will be gone with a car from Car from Japan. The fact that it will be the first car I am to own at 46 years of age and having worked for over 20years without owning a car, this will be cherished in my life. As such, I will be very happy to share with friends and relatives by being an ambassador of Car from Japan the people who have good brand at a reasonable price.
Every day I pray to God to make my dream come true of acquiring a car from Car from Japan. The Japanese used cars are affordable and you provide security until one gets the car. I have seen Malawian people purchasing cars from Japan from abroad. I will emphasize to them that car brands are those from Cars from Japan.
Thank You very much I look forward to winning this completion
Miriam Mary Chinkhata

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