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Marvine Odoyo from Kenya message

Marvine Odoyo from Kenya message
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Hi,this is Marvine from Kenya.I was pleased and delighted to have joined car from Japan not only because of the contest but also from the wide range of Japanese used cars you have on your platform.I run a Kenyan website called ( and its exclusively a trade website and receives over 1000 visitors daily.I have already added a link on my website to your website for our website visitors to also have a chance to access and view your Japanese used car stocks.
Japanese used cars are a favorite for Kenyan car buyers since most buy Japan used cars and according to Kenyan authorities;every month over 8,000 vehicles are registered in Kenya and the bulk are Japanese Used Cars.Car from japan will give buyers more choice and the security of sourcing from Japan especially with your money back guarantee.
Being a winner in the contest will be of mutual benefit to both us since using my website i can effectively market Car from Japan to my website’s visitors which in turn will give you more business and i will also have more credibility as a trusted referrer for buyers to get best deals on used Japanese cars and of course i will be happy to have my first car courtesy of Car From Japan.

Looking forward to a brighter future!

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