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Martin Wario (Makiwa Motors) from Kenya message

Martin Wario (Makiwa Motors) from Kenya message
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Hi Hana,

It is indeed fortunate and a pleasure to have found myself being invited to take part in this competition, I pray that I will indeed come out with something to remember.
I have been in the vehicle importation business since our government allowed for second hand vehicles to be imported into the country and I must say that we have come a long way to be where we are now in terms of efficiency and ability in getting the business done. When all of this started of those who are fortunate to have been pioneers in the business will agree with me that it was nothing short of a nightmare to see a car safely imported, cleared and delivered to a client. From the extremely “blind” means of sourcing a vehicle, processing it for importation and finally clearing and getting it registered which would take at times up to six months……yes half a year if that sounds better…!!!
With time things have greatly improved on both sides, from Japan dealers and with our customs department. As of today the complete process can take as little as six weeks……unbelievable but true, from six months to six weeks.
This has been made possible by such people as “CAR FROM JAPAN” who I am sure also saw the need to organize the many car dealers under a single umbrella body who would act as a go-between of the dealers and buyers. It’s good to note that in the process of developing this business there has been quite a number of unfortunate cases of fraud coming from both sides, people’s lives have been totally destroyed by theses unfortunate cases. But with such as “CAR FROM JAPAN” giving the buyers a platform to deal with the car dealers with more confidence being that I am sure for a dealer to be allowed to sell on their platform would definitely have to go through some sort of vetting to establish whether they are authentic and ability to deliver….kudus to “CAR FROM JAPAN”
I pray that I will be the winner of either of the two cars up for grabs which in turn I would definitely recommend my clients to source vehicles from “CAR FROM JAPAN” and would even want if you could allow me to place a link web address on my web site for my visitors to be able to follow. The dealer who would supply the car would also definitely become a constant source of my vehicles……….may the best man win….!

Martin Wario

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