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Martin Wario from Kenya message

Martin Wario from Kenya message
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Hi Hana Yurimoto

I find myself fortunate to have come across Car From Japan Co. Ltd and for you having considered to invite me to join onto this competition, though there will only be one winner for a 5000 $ car (Pray it will be me) many will have definitely benefited from information and networking through this forum……thanks Car From Japan

Having been in the Japanese used car business for plus 15 years I appreciate the strides the industry has taken throughout the years, starting from a cumbersome sourcing system from only a few dealers and getting the car processed for shipping and finally getting it cleared and registered…..all this taking a anxious waiting period of up to 5 months, but now thanks to better communication methods and upgraded systems all this can now take as little as 6 weeks.

My thinking tells me that with this enormous growth in business and the challenges that would indeed grow with it, is such that Car from Japan Co. Ltd was formed to be able to address these challenges with professionalism. With my experience I can confidently say that a large percentage of the deals that get done between the Car dealers in Japan and the buyers are straight, honest and concluded ok with the buyer ending up satisfied. This is well constituted by the fact of the high volumes that continue to be shipped out….if people were all that unsatisfied I really do not think there would be such volumes.

The biggest challenge that I could say that faces this business is when we find those ever dishonest car dealers who are out just to make some quick money out of a ignorant buyer, but thanks to the help of such as Car From Japan Co. Ltd. you need not worry too much of losing out to such dealers. Being an umbrella body to many dealers I am sure they have vetted each dealer and setting regulations before they can post any of their stocks for sale

Hi Hana

Just wondering where the rest of my write up went…I had written about 500 words but can only read up to this, did the system not save all of it…?

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