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Martin Ndege from Kenya message

Martin Ndege from Kenya message
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Hello Hana Yurimoto!
Thank you very much for coming up with Car from Japan, it is a noble idea of giving back to the customers. I also wish to thank the sponsors; Japanese used car for agreeing to be part of this promotion.
Car from Japan will go a long way in assisting those that will be lucky to win the presents, that is, the car or cash, cope with the economy. These days a car is part of the nuclear family, it is that essential in coping with the day-to-day activities, so this idea of giving a car is very noble and welcome! We wake up every morning to look for cash in different ways, so again the gift of cash will be more than welcome!
The cascade benefits are many; it will build the economy of the country through the taxes paid, fuel and spare parts bought, it will create employment to the mechanic and the service company, not to forget easing travel to the lucky family!
In return, Japanese used car will benefit from the publicity accrued, earn mileage through corporate social responsibility, in the end becoming the company of choice to the many importers of new and used cars from Japan.
I drive a 1999 Toyota Sprinter L Extra, it is well maintained and I find it very useful in my day to day work, now imagine if I win that dream car, a Toyota Rav 4, how I will maintain it as an ambassador of Japanese used car, how proud we (my family and I) will be displaying it in the Kenyan roads and telling about Car from Japan and Japanese used car!
Kenya is a leading importer of used cars from Japan, so if I win this car, I will really promote Japanese used car in this big market.
I have posted the link in both Facebook and twitter, and invited 230 friends to join the competition, I have even written to friends and family telling them about Car from Japan. I am already a brand ambassador for car from Japan and Japanese used cars, so please, give me this car and I will be your ambassador for life, not forgetting the joy, and completeness it will bring to us as a family!
Finally, is again to thank all the people involved in the organisation and planning of this competition, for their time, resources and thoughts towards the whole project and reassure all that it is a venture in the right direction. I wish to reiterate that it will not be in vain but will be appreciated by whoever wins! I am praying very hard that it will be me, so please give me that Toyota Rav 4.
Than you very much!
Sincerely, Martin.

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