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MARSHAL BHUNU from Zimbabwe message



I am glad to be a part of the competition. I am so positive that I am going to win a car because I love Japanese used cars and I like CAR FROM JAPAN because of their care for customer which is being revealed by the constant communication you do. I always had plans to buy a Japanese car and I am still saving the money. After winning the car I can be a good ambassador of Car From Japan in Zimbabwe and other countries. Car From Japan is going to be a household name for people in this region who wish to own cars. I am not only expecting to win a car but to have a long lasting business relationship with your organization. I am very glad that this is not just a opportunity to win a car but a life time business opportunity.

Car From Japan in my own view is a world changing organization. Most of the Southern African countries have benefited a lot from Japanese used vehicles. Owning a vehicle has been a dream come true to an average person in Africa. Whereas owning a car used to be for only a few rich folks, now the greater population can own cars. Hence, the standards of living are going up. A car is a basic commodity to a citizen of every nation who is above the age of 18.

Below are the benefits that I believe Car From Japan will be changing the standards of living to the receiving countries:

  • increasing productivity in most industries. Time spend commuting by the workers will be cut since they are going to be using their own cars which are more reliable and faster.
  • there will be increase in the rate of employment since car industry has more industries that are directly or indirectly connected to it. Such industries like vehicle servicing and maintenance, fuel companies, road maintenance, oil companies, insurance companies and many, they will boost up when more people own cars.
  • Car From Japan will facilitate harmony between Japan and the countries doing business with it. We hope that Car From Japan will also provide support in training expert mechanics who will specialize in servicing Japanese vehicles so that these cars will have a bigger life span. The back-up spares coming from Japan are of great importance.
  • The receiving countries, in this case my country Zimbabwe, will benefit in more taxes and thereby increasing the government revenue. The duty to bring in a car and the quarterly taxes for every car owner provides a great improvement in government taxes.

In a nutshell, the deal that Car From Japan brings to our country benefits both countries. This is kind of a win – win situation for every part involved. I would want to believe that through negotiations with the biggest employers in Zimbabwe deals can be made where by they can order cars for their employees and the employers will provide surety for the employees to get cars and pay in installments. It is my strong conviction that business today is all about having a competitive advantage over competitors. This deal might not have been done before and it might have some complications but through negotiations with the government which is the biggest employer in Zimbabwe things will work out. The bankers can also play an important role in these transactions.

To sum up, I believe that the deals that Car From Japan is bringing a good deal and the competition to win cars will create a greater awareness by the people in countries that are participating. Business is all about trust and creating a brand loyalty to the public. I ,Marshal Bhunu, pledge to be an ambassador and a marketer for Car From Japan, especially having the evidence to the market of how good the company is.

A big thanks to the Marketing officer.


Marshal Bhunu

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