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MARRY MASAWE from Tanzania message

MARRY MASAWE from Tanzania message
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Hallow, Marketing team from Japanese used car, I’m so happy to have this chance from you, because every day when I open up my internet I must saw the Japanese used car advertisement and I always so exited because I believe one day I can have Japanese used small car.

Car from japan their more marketable in Tanzania compare to the car from other country.

Japanese used car are more affordable in my country, compare import car from other country.

Japanese used car already become popular and famous in my country and east Africa.

Most of Japanese car their spare part is more affordable in my country such as vitz, Toyota, Suzuki, and many more.

When you go through the internet you will find Japanese used car advertisement and when you look at the you suddenly have the passion to buy and if you have the car already still those advertisement inspire you to add another Japanese used car because their so interested.

I my self don’t see that Japanese used car will come to loose market in my country , what I see is that Japanese used car will continuo be marketable and popular.

Japanese used car their more compactible , strong, stay longer, not too much services, and more affordable to have it.

cars from japan their give people an optional to choose different type of cars and model when people what to order car from japan.

The first time I saw this chance I couldn’t allow my eye cope to close twice without follow the procedures to start with getting point of winning car from japan.
When I saw I immediately be so inspired and it like I was waiting this chance for so long time from your team.

It real impress me and due to my financial status for now I believe I can use this chance properly to reach the winning point.

Due to car from japan well become know in my country and east Africa and other place in the word.

Whenever any one saw the advertisement I believe she/he will soon get to be so impress by it and this about either buying a car from japan or participant in this winning as I do.
Also some other regional in my country the road not so much good in bitumen standard , some are very high hill and some are covered by rough road and dust
but Japanese used car able to travel on such kind of road and make it possible for the user without any disturbance in road of changing tires after 100 kilometer.

I have been witness different of amazing when you travel by using Japanese car, first is from my friend who was employed before in one company dealing with supply of building equipment to different region in my country , and my friend use to work there as operation assistant so he also use to travel when their company goods has to go some where, my friend has a car he bought a car from japan and whenever he use to travelled he use his car, he only doing services one time of going. and he stay with that Japanese car for over ten years now , and he has a plan to buy a car but he doesn’t have a plan to buy a car from another company only from Japanese used car.

Another witness is my brother he bought Japanese used car it very small car
it only two seat in car, that means only two people but, I wish you can see how my brother use to travel with that car in different region for over four years now and he is only doing normal services but I never heard him complaining about engine problem or any other car cost him so much money and he use to travel rough road for a long time.
Japanese used car can bear you as we all know that some time fuel could be very expensive you may not need all the time to feed full tank, as per economy of some citizen in my country.

Most of the people in my country when they want to start think about t where to buy a car or which country I should import my car, I am sure the first option is car from japan and not other company why? I continuo surprise you the following
first is how you team succeed to enter in people’s mind.

secondly is how you doing marketing using online and internet as we all know that now technology has been so improved and developed and may people are daily go through internet , so this is another reason on why Japanese used car is first company to think when you start to think where to order or which company form abroad I should import my car.

A the lastly reason on why here in my country when many people want to order a car first company to think is car form Japanese is because of even most of car seller here and most popular car import company they sale car for japan even most of buyer are those people who like and love car form japan so the Japanese car also facilitate the business of importation and exportation of car in my country and increase more market to your company. before I use to work with one company called mico clearing and forwarding company ,most of the car we use to clear are car from japan. because our client buy car form japan to sale to their yard.

I will be glad if I will be the winner of Japanese used car,
please don’t hesitates to bring this winning to me, it real important for me even if I win a small car like vitz I will be so glad and so thankful to your Japanese used car.

Thanks for your consideration
Your truly sincerely one
marry massawe.

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