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MARIYAH from Kenya message

MARIYAH from Kenya message
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its all luck if I get a free car!! Everyone wants a car ofcourse..and seriously speaking these days cars are not a luxury at all!! it is a comfort…but for some (like me) its a necessity!. as if you are staying long- long distances away from your work and heavy traffics everyday to face…problems of getting buses/ matatus. car becomes a necessity. but problems comes of hard cash also……ALL CAN’T AFFORD A CAR. some just dream about cars…and I think all dream about beautiful cars- naturally they resemble these cars from Japan..
Cars are too good from Japan only!! as Japan is best for any technological items and electronics and ofcourse Cars!! it has a good life-span as all the parts and body itself is in perfect conditions. Japan is the best producers of all items.Japanese are ofcourse the best makers of Cars- SMART SLEEK CARS. I don’t know much about cars…frankly speaking….but do see people using cars and ofcourse importing from Japan. and even hear conversations of people on cars….and always I could hear that cars from Japan are the best…People are these days indulging in importation of cars from Japan. because an awareness has been dawned upon them that its much more better and profitable to buy cars from Japan instead of buying any local make. After all they want to buy an asset, so its natural they prefer to buy THE BEST ONE!!
I just pray to God …that I get a chance to use a JAPAN MADE CAR!!

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