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mariyah adamali from Kenya message

mariyah adamali from Kenya message
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I would love to win a car from Japan,
My husband and I have just shifted to Mombasa some few months back, and winning a Japanese used car would really give us a boost, I have just started off a bakery supplies business it would help for deliveres and all.
A small family car would do great,
Please I really need to win this,i know you will get alot of people like me but please, please please I wanna win this like crazy.
I don’t have a 1000 words to express how much I need this, how much me and my family needs this car.
The car from Japan is a really good thing.
People who dont have a big budget can still afford good cars.
If I could afford one I would have bought one using the website. But one thing for sure is that I will tell all my friend’s and family about you guys.
Hope your company keeps growing.
Really hoping I win this, will try my best to get as many people possible to join this campaign.

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