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Marion from Kenya message

Marion from Kenya message
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In my opinion, from what I have heard again and again, Japanese used cars are the most reliable as compared to any from anywhere else. At least its the belief of this side of town.
Its for this reason that I keep hoping I will be the winner of this Car From Japan giveaway so that I am living proof that indeed cars from Japan regardless of the fact that they have already been used are more durable and worth every cent anyone pays for them.
Giving me one of your Car From Japan will be of great honour and privilege since it will be my first car ever. It wont be an alternative but the only car. And so, you will have uplifted a life. A case with real need. You will have saved me and my family especially my infant from the harsh weather conditions during the hot season as well as from rain as we are deep in our rainy season now.
I seriously, desperately and honestly need (not want) a car.
Please let me be the one!!!

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