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Mariana Kinyuy from Kenya message

Mariana Kinyuy from Kenya message
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Hi Hana!
Thank you so much for taking the pains and time to write and give me information regarding the priceless used car from Japan.
I am sorry that not having an internet I have to always go to a cyber cafe to communicate meaning not everyday this is possible to write to you.

I must also inform you that I have a total hip replacement and it is not easy every day to use matatu to go to work for before you are in the matatu they already drive off and I am always at risk to fall and get bed ridden. Matatu are the public means of transport used her to travel for those who cannot afford a car.

So I will be very gratefull if you can consider me in giving the priceless car. I will make sure I tell all my friends about your generosity and your caring. I do not have money and I have started skipping meals and I will even have to work very very hard to get the car that you will give me out of the customs when it comes to Mombasa as I am living in Nairobi. Wish you could also assist me in sending some money to add to what I will eventually be having.
When I looked at the make of your cars I liked them and I had a friend who was once using a Japanese car which was very good and I liked it so much.

With regards

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