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Mariam from Armenia message

Mariam from Armenia message
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Hello . My name is Narine.I am 28 years old. I am so friendly and hard working person.My all dreams are come true with myself.For this, I have been started work since 15 years. I got high degree education in departement of Energy Economy.
Since 22 years I have decided to create small business for me. I ordered many accessories from Japan,China and Korea.I took heavy boxes to beauty salons, offices,schools for sell.But unfortunately I do all by legs and it is so hard.Then I decided to buy a car for me from Japan ,because Japan’s cars are so beautiful and so cheap. It is not important for me the car was Japanese used car.Then I started to save money for my dream.
Unfortunately, my healthy made bad in last year. And this year in my Birthday Party I am going to fainth. After 2 days I went to MRI. Doctors discovered hypophyseal macroadenoma in myself,which effects on my eyes.Doctor said if I had not operation ,I could not see in my all life. Opertion’s cost is so high and my parents took cretid but it is not enough. I had to give my all save money. This year in march 30 I was operated.And by God now I fell better,but I can not walk so much ,take high things.
And your letter take me a power to believe that everything is not finished. I like your company and your idea because you are come true many peoples’ dreams.
I believed that you can come true my OLD DREAM .
All the bests and good luck,
Yours, Narine.

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