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Margaret wandera Nyongesa from Kenya message

Margaret wandera Nyongesa from Kenya message
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Iam glad to have this opportunity to participate in this competition.
If you choose me as a winner I will real help you to market your brand and that is what am doing now. Try me and you will see the outcome of your brand I will ensure all my friends purchase car from Japan. I promise I will continue marketing car’s from Japan in all regions in Kenya including in religious organizations such as religious congregations, Universities also among my friends, workmates and relatives .

To win customer and popularity can only be reached through promoting your brand from Japan as the way you are doing now for example sponsoring the competition for your brand. In fact car from Japan are of the
best quality compared to those from other countries and the spare part are
available. Your Car price is so attractive as compared to the quality of the
car from Japan. Car from Japan are among the best quality world wide that I would advice those intending to purchase car’s to consider, since they are
durable and attractive in design and colour. Those driving car from Japan they feel prestigious and l will be grateful and happy to be one of them.

If you pick me I will convince my religious communities and projects such as schools, hospitals and many other projects that we operate to order car from Japan since lam one of them. Iam a religious nun of the order of Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa and we work in many countries. If I win it will be your benefit in selling your product. As we close the competition consider me. Sr. Margaret Wandera lecturer Kenyatta University School of Public Health, I will also market your product within the University showing them the car that l have won. I wish you well in selecting the winner God bless your company and those sponsoring this competition.

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