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Margaret Mitchell from Zimbabwe message

Margaret Mitchell from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you for this opportunity to win a vehicle. I am holding thumbs for a win! Hana I would like to take this opportunity to thank Car From Japan for giving me the chance of winning one of your Company vehicles. I, being a single parent have struggled for a VERY long time now to try and save money to buy a car for my son who is turning 19 this month (17 April) and this may be my LUCKY break as I still do not have the money! Shame, he was really annoyed with me when I made him go for his drivers license, he said “Ma’ why must I get my license when I haven’t even got a car”, to which my reply was, “Bradley, you might get a job that needs you to drive somewhere and you need to have your independence, you will get a car one day”.
Picking me as a winner actually makes YOU a winner as you would be making a huge difference in one young man’s life as he would be so happy and he will talk of CAR FROM JAPAN for a very long time, your Company gets spoken about to many young people who then go to their parents and their parents log onto your website and hopefully purchase a car for their youngsters!! Marketing – word of mouth!! from a very happy WINNER!!
I have been looking at your website with all the many cars to choose from and really long for a CRV or X-Trail, the buying of the car may be reasonable but what the killer is is the shipping and the Tax / Duty that we have to pay when the car arrives in our Zimbabwe.
Anyway, thank you so much again for the chance of winning, I too will hold thumbs for a win.

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