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manoj from Sri Lanka message

manoj from Sri Lanka message
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First of all i would like to thanking to you all for doing this, because you will give us to great oppotunity to joing this competition and also i like to thanking to the sponsors who are doing great service. As a sri lankan citizen, we know that Car From Japan is the best than others even Japanese used car. From experience I know the uniqueness of car from Japan and i always recomend it.We think every part of the Car From Japan is best quality products. Safty wise, appearence wise and durable wise Car From Japan and Japanese used cars are best.If you select me as winner, im very happy. because even i need car i have big defficulty to bye a car these days , because im still student who doing medicine at University of Peradeniya.But definitly i will bye Car From Japan one day.It is my dreame and i do my studies very well to reach my targets, goals and fulfill my dreams.I realy greatfull if you select me as winner.Thank you again for yours’ great service.Good luck to success your work…
Manoj Galgomuwa

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