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MAKESURE BANDA from Zimbabwe message

MAKESURE BANDA from Zimbabwe message
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owning a car was status peharps yesterday. not anymore in this 21st century. it has ceased to be a luxury but a basic commodity. so if one has no cash such promotions come in handy and one savours this opportunity of becoming a proud owner of a car coming as a fortuitous accretion and what a way of owning a car. style is word. whether car is new or used that does not matter.
the Jap cars are neat for me. something small, cheap and running. performance has not been an issue in zimbabwe from those that have imported them.
if i win a car then lucky me for i have never owned a car. should that happen then everyone wants to own a car because life will have been simplified for all average income earners like myself. to wait for a bus at the bus termini is becoming a nightmare and my good guess is we have lost a considerable number of people through anxiety and hypertension. waiting for transport requires patience so why not own one myself and avoid anxious moments associated with waiting. if u had those cars like sweets i would love one free lollipop.

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