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Mackson Zephaniah from Malawi message


Am a University of Malawi law student from Chancellor College and I reside some few kilometers away from campus and it has always been inconvenience using public transport. My winning of this car will make my academic life simple. Besides, I will be a brand ambassador of your car selling company persuading Lecturers and the many potential buyers (My fellow students) to transact their business with you whenever they want to buy a car after graduation.

These cars from Japan are nice ones and its a good company. What is important is that the company must earn trust and confidence of customers from potential countries such as Malawi where many people like to buy such cars.
As such, I find such a competition a welcome development and by default, what it means here is that a win for me is a win for you guys in Malawi for I will make sure that I spread the good gospel according to CAR FROM JAPAN Company.

Thanks for taking your time reading my brief essay.

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