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M Azfar Haziq from Malaysia message

M Azfar Haziq from Malaysia message
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First of all I would like to win a car from japan because as I know the car quality in japan is being preserved really well and it one of my dream to win a car as I could use it as my transport in my university. If I win a car from this giveaway first of foremost I would be really happy and at the same time it really will help me as I have a medium for transport for me to go to my class as my class to be held is quite far from my living place and I need to take buses really early in the morning and sometime the bus is pack with people and it force me to wait for another bus. While I wait for another bus it take my time and make me late for my classes. This has really burden me in my study life at university as sometime I need to take taxi just to go supermarket to buy my supplies. Beside sometime this taxi take a long road and charge me more which this situation has cost me more money and I need to lessen my things to buy due to this. This is why I truly hopping to win a japanese used car as I believe even it a used car the condition of the car will be in great condition. Moreover, having a car will greatly help in the future as I finish my study I will not have any problem with transport to go for work. This is why winning a car meant a lot to me as it will help me to establish my study and will help me also in the future.

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