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Lynda from Zimbabwe message

Lynda from Zimbabwe message
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I would firstly like to thank you Car from Japan and your sponsors for giving us such an amazing opportunity to win Japanese used Cars.God Bless your whole team. I have been trying to save up for a car for 2 years now and i keep failing because our economy is in a crisis cost of living is hard in Zimbabwe i earn a minimum wage which allows me to pay my rent, bills and food only, for me saving $1 is hard.I have two beautiful children i would like to win mostly for them.That way it will make life easier for me and them i can drop them off at school without using public transport, take them places on weekend and just be a happy family!My children are 7years and 1yr 4months
I would also like to start going to night school as i work fulll time but i am afraid of using public transport at night as it is dangerous,if i have my Japanese used car i can do many things i can not do at the moment.It will be a life changer!I have a passion for children especially under priviledged childrens my dream is to own my orphanage one day but i sometimes visit other orphanages to donate clothes food and toys with a charity organisation i work with Art of Being Humane.If i own my own Japanese used car i can do more charity work.I want to do my own project to collect used clothes and toys and deliver to any orphanages,old age homes or homes in my community.I can travel with my children so they can learn to help other who are less priviledged.I know every little counts and it will start wit me owning my Japanese used car! If car from Japan can make a difference so can i.
It is my dream to own a japanese used car because they are strong and very Econiomical i wll be able to maintain it as parts are easily available in my country.If u grace me the opportunity to win this it will be the best gift ever in my life!I aways look at people driving they cars and i always wish “one day i will have mine!” Maybe this day will arrive in July when Car From Japan make me win.
I also went almost 2years without seeing my father who stays in another town because it is expensive and uncomfortable travelling long distance by public transport with children.He is old now and i wish to visit him more often and make my children spend time with him.With my Japanese used car i can travel when ever i wish, at my pace ,at my time and comfortably!

Thank you for gracing me this opportunity and thank you for taking time to read.i Hope and pray i qualify to win.

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