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Lucy Haule from Tanzania message

Lucy Haule from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan.
Thank you for being the people’s choice around the world. You have no Idea how many lives you have touched by selling durable cars and giving back to the community. I am inspired by what you are doing.
It is my prayer that I will be picked as a winner because I am also in to giving back to the community, I have been working with children who have lost parental care and who are at risk of losing parental care since 2007.Part of my job is to reach out to the community and selct children and families who need assistance the has never been easy to reach these places because of the means of traspotation to reach them or to take these services to them.By winning this competition it will make it easier for me and the community I serve.
Further It will be my dream come true to be a representative for your sponsors and your brand, it will be my honor to tell the world about what you do and how you help the voiceless to realize their dreams and to put a smile on someone who has lost hope,not only this but telling the world about the durability of the your cars and the best car services in the world at large.
Thank you once aagin for the competition and for giving back to the community.

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