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LUCAS OLUOCH from Kenya message

LUCAS OLUOCH from Kenya message
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Hi Hana,

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this marketing campaign.I believe this is a very noble idea and I believe the World will get to know and appreciate the quality of your goods and services.

I hail from Kenya which is branded a Toyota country some of cars which your company has exported to the Kenyan Market.I ttrust and believe in Cars from Japan because of the quality,affordability and environmentally friendly (Green Energy Conservation).

If chosen as the winner,I shall ensure the car is well painted and marked with clearly labelled website ( so that the Kenyan people and the world at large can read and access the website information with a view to purchase one or some of your quality cars on offer.

Additionally I shall ensure my social media pages(Facebook,Google+,Twitter,Instagram,Yahoo,etc) is updated with latest posts from your good company.I shall encourage my family members,colleagues at work,church members,many friends to also regularly visit your website to get first hand information about your goods and services.

I believe the car contributes to the general economy of any institution and country at large which translate to the well being and development of our people directly and in directly.I shall use this car to tour parts of Kenya,East and Central Africa cities and its tourism sites and wildlife national game parks that is popular with both Local and international tourists.
I shall also use the car to do shopping for the family and take my child to school and my wife to her place of doing business among other mandatory duties like going to Church for prayers and hospital for treatment in case my family and neighbor fall sick and require emergency treatment.

I work for Kenya Wildlife Service ( which is a Kenyan state parastatal in charge wildlife conservation in Kenya and over eighty national wildlife parks. We have over five thousand employees and host over one million local and international tourists each year in our wildlife parks. I shall ensure that i use my car to market your website and hire out my car to some of these many tourists who in the process shall sample some of this quality car from japan.My fellow staff too will see be enlightened and be interested in your products.

Finally,Cars from japan are economical,cheap and durable.Your staff are very qualified ,friendly and knowledgeable of your products and services are always readily available to help whenever consulted by the customers.Your Marketing id doing a fantastic job and so are your technical and sales team working under the quality leadership of a sound Management team.Your company website is easily navigable and interactive.The quality of the posted images of the cars is superb and the information is very detailed.Your staff blogs and emails provide us with accurate and uptodate information.The shipping details ,phone and email contacts,expoertes details among other important information are readily available in your website.Your Customer care service is comparable to none.Your technical backup to your cars wins clients trust and confidence in your company hence boosts company sales.

Long live Cars from Japan for a job well-done! You Lead while others Follow! Keep it up.

Your Satisfied Client

Lucas Oluoch
Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters
Langata Road
Mobile phone (+254722747904 and +254733747904)
Email Address :

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